Laura Dobb, the helmet behind The Pushbike PA, is originally from Canada and has lived and has worked in Vancouver, Whistler, San Francisco, London, Manchester, Coventry, Exeter, Chiswick, Bristol, Bath, Chipping Campden and most recently, Penzance.

In the summer of 2015, Laura and her family moved to Penzance, Cornwall, where she has ancestry dating back hundreds of years. This is the end of the line! Or is it the beginning? So happy to be near the ocean again!

By travelling on her *pushbike, her business remains local and ecologically friendly and fun. When she is unable to travel by bike, Laura uses public transport or works remotely.

Laura’s clients, past and present, vary from artists and decorative painters to professors, retail operators, politicians and private individuals wanting to archive and clear out clutter. She is flexible and willing to meet her clients at their own pace, time and location.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys running, walking the coastal path with her family, reading and dog (human!) training. She runs her own holistic dog coaching company called Head, Heart, Hands and Paws in Penzance.

*Laura’s first ‘pushbike’ was a foldable bicycle she received for her seventh birthday. Thank goodness foldable bikes have evolved since then as this one unfolded itself as she cycled across a bridge over the Old Man River in Lethbridge, Alberta!”